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An Entire Realm of Science in Houston

The act of science has always brought great curiosity and wonder to humankind, and it continues to this day. Everything works together in harmony, from the tiny cells that keep your body healthy and happy, the water particles in the air that refresh the plants of our world with rain, and the gigantic Googleplex of stars within countless galaxies shining their brilliant lights throughout the night. Our luxury apartments at Parkway Flats put you close to some of the best museums and edutainment attractions in Houston, though one stands out from the pack through its expansive knowledge of the universe.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is the city’s largest dedication to the art of science, offering over a dozen unique exhibits full of sciences ranging from paleontology to astronomy and ranked as #4 on TripAdvisor’s Top Houston Attractions list. It’s located no more than twenty miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning you can drive straight to their parking lot in a half hour. Explore their seventeen permanent exhibitions, from the dinosaur-themed Hall of Paleontology, the prowess of the Hall of Ancient Egypt, the explosive Hall of Chemistry, and the glittering Gem Vault. Special exhibitions cycle through all year, so there’s always something new to see with every visit. Finally, be sure to explore the other connected attractions, such as the Planetarium and Butterfly Center. Tickets are $25 for adults, $15 for children and seniors, and entirely free for membership holders; special discounts - such as military and group discounts - and other events are available online or at the door.

 Venture through the workings of the universe here at Parkway Flats. Explore our luxury apartments in Houston along with the Houston Museum of Nature and Science for your next adventure.