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Houston Luxury Apartment Home

Coming home after a long day is one of life’s simple pleasures. You can maximize that experience when you make Parkway Flats your new home. Indulge yourself with luxury apartment features designed for your personal comfort. Beautiful can be functional and convenient, and you can enjoy both. Nothing pairs with personal luxury like the perfect space. Live the life you want when you choose the perfect floorplan and layout. Enjoy the freedom to host the next big party. But your journey into deep luxury doesn’t end at your doorstep. Community amenities abound creating socializing opportunities with your friends and neighbors. Suns out, fun’s outside so invite everyone along. Make more plans for a night out. Your new neighborhood has something for everyone. Dining, shopping and entertainment venues are just waiting to be discovered. Your new favorite hangout is just around the corner. The life you want is waiting for you.

Life Made Easy

Some people enjoy laundry day. Stain-treatment, pre-soaking, washing, fabric softening, rinsing, spinning, and drying is what makes them tick. But if you are not one of them, you are in luck. Here you can enjoy a full size washer/dryer that can shrink laundry day into just a few hours. Luxury isn’t limited to what is beautiful. Sometimes the best luxuries are the things that add hours your day to do what you prefer, instead of what you must. Spend time doing what is really important on the weekend. Relaxing. Catch up on that series you haven’t had time to finish watching. Better still, finish that book you have been reading. No matter what you choose, nothing goes better with a short laundry day than you not spending all day doing laundry. This special convenience is a luxury that gives you time to do the things you want to do. Perfect.

Love your Houston luxury apartment home. Make your move to Parkway Flats and live the life you have always wanted today!